Day 12 - Treasurehunt


After arriving in Gherla and getting a good night's sleep, we left for the hometown of some of the participants: Szentmarton! Right between beautiful mountains and hills, we got to spend the day exploring the town and its nearby environment

We started the day of with a church service in the village's local church. This church was located at the top of the hill, with a beautiful view over the village and its surroundings. Although not everything about the service could be understood by everyone present, the preacher made an effort to talk about his experiences in German as well! István told the people present about our exchange, what we had done and our experiences.

After the service in the morning, we got a delicious lunch in the general building of the village. At this point, the participants could once again enjoy Romanian food, warm and tasty. After lunch, István prepared a treasurehunt for the participants, during which they were supposed to find hidden clues, leading. As we were seperated in two teams, it was an exciting race to see who would win!

The remaining hours of the afternoon, the participants had some free time to explore the surroundings an relax, as it was pretty warm that day! A large group went to a local lake, where everyone could drink and relax and overall have a good time. Another group decided to head up one of the hills to the top to get a peek of the beautiful view! After the warm afternoon, it was time for dinner, which would be a BBQ. We ate some traditional Romanian sausages, and as everyone was present - also some of the locals - it was a very sociable event.

The participants ended the evening with a very intense game of football on the nearby football field, followed with a campfire. It was a succesful day!