These were the last days that we spend in Romania, as well as the last days of the entire Exchange! As the end was coming near and everyone got a bit tired of the many experiences, these last days were pretty relaxing.

After arriving in Gherla and getting a good night's sleep, we left for the hometown of some of the participants: Szentmarton! Right between beautiful mountains and hills, we got to spend the day exploring the town and its nearby environment

As these days were mainly travel days - and I did not take many pictures until we got to Hungary - I put days 8, 9, 10 and 11 together in one blog post (it is a lot of days, but it was a lot of traveling!

The very very last day in the Netherlands and also one of the most important ones: today the participants would reflect on what they have learned, what skills they have developed throughout the week and write their Youthpasses.

Today would be the last outing day in the Netherlands, during which we focused on Entrepreneurship and what it means. We started the day of with an introduction and explanation of today's workshop, during which the participants were going to set up their own pitch about entrepreneurship with information that they acquired from interviews with...

As it was a Sunday today, we all went to the local church together. We walked there instead of with the bus to reduce our emissions (and it was also hard to park the bus in that street...). During the service, our paintings from the Painting Workshop the day before were showcased. The service was adjusted in such a...

This was a stay-at-home-day during which we had all our activities at the accommodation in Lunteren. We started the day off with the usual Secret Friend round, during which another batch of gifts were gifted to some participants.

It could be argued that one of the best ways to get to know the Dutch culture is to visit Amsterdam, so that is what we did!

The very first Secret Friend gifts were given out today! Every participants received the name of another participant and the gifts that would make him or her happy, which will then be revealed and given the next morning.

Today was the first full day during which all the participants were able to socialise with participants from the other countries. The program was all about getting to know the exchange and its main concepts, and about getting to know each other. The first thing that we did was an extensive name game.