Day 13&14 - The Last Days


These were the last days that we spend in Romania, as well as the last days of the entire Exchange! As the end was coming near and everyone got a bit tired of the many experiences, these last days were pretty relaxing.

On Monday the 12th of August, we travelled to the nearby city Cluj, where we would spend the rest of the day. After an intense walk up the hill, we visited a Botanical Garden, full of different plants and animals. It was hard to keep track where we had already been, as this garden was quite large. However, everyone enjoyed the walk, despite the warmth, and someone even caught a small turtle!

After the visit to the Botanical Garden, everyone walked back to the city centre, where we had some free time to eat. As there were many places to choose from, everyone separated and ate something else. As everyone had gotten a bit tired from the warm weather and the trips, we would spend that night at home at TEKA, where we would have our every own 'farewell'/'see you soon' party.

The following day, the 13th of August, we left for the pools in Dej: a beautiful poolpark near the top of a hill, with a beautiful view to the environment. Sadly, I have not taken any pictures of this day (the participants made their own). Poolday was yet another relaxing day, with a saltwater bath, a deepwater bath and great food. Everyone seemed to enjoy the sun - some of them even a little too much - and with mild skin burns we travelled back to TEKA to start the evening programm.

In the evening, we had some dinner at the workplace of Irma, Gradina de Vara in Gherla. We had some good dinner, an amazing dessert and could enjoy each others company one last time. That evening, we had our last free time that we spend with each other at TEKA. As we would leave very early the next morning (4 o'clock), some of us did not sleep that much. However, everyone was content with the exchange, and ready to go home! 

After so many new experience and lots of travelling (and some really hot weather), everyone was happy to go home with all the new memories made. On the last travel day, just before the Dutch participants would leave the bus to the Airport, some happy tears were shed. Memories were exchanged on Facebook and other social media, and new friends were made.

Thank you so much for reading!