Day 8-11  - Hungary and Travel Days


As these days were mainly travel days - and I did not take many pictures until we got to Hungary - I put days 8, 9, 10 and 11 together in one blog post (it is a lot of days, but it was a lot of traveling!

We left on day 8 at 4 o'clock in the morning for Prague, where we would stay the night at the Homer Hostel (for more information on the accommodation, see 'INFO'). It was a nice and somewhat quiet trip, after which we arrived late afternoon in the city. We had a free evening to enjoy whatever food we liked and take a look at the city. Everyone enjoy this free evening/night and had some needed sleep before another travel day.The next day, day 9, we had a shorter (but still long) trip to the Balaton Lake in Hungary, where we arrived late afternoon. We had time to eat, swim and hang around before we left for Székesfehérvár in the evening. We would stay there in yet another nice and comfortable hotel (INFO) for the coming few days. Everyone had another free evening during which people could chill, sleep, shower, go out into the city, etc. 

Day 10 was the first outing day in Hungary, where we would go to Budapest. Once we arrived in Budapest, we got to visit the Budapest Zoo for a while. Even though it was quite warm, everyone enjoyed at least some of the animals that we could see there. After the Zoo, everyone got free time until the end of the afternoon to enjoy Budapest and its views.After we arrived back in Székesfehérvár, the participants got divided into small groups to eat at one of the Hungarian participants home. Ever Hungarian participants got a Dutch and Romanian participant as guests. Everyone seemed to enjoy the time they got in a Hungarian household! We ended the day with another relaxing late evening, as such a trip day could be tiring.

The next day we left for Romania, another long travel day! We arrived at the beginning of the evening at our next accommodation: TEKA! (INFO). After some nice dinner, everyone could enjoy a relaxing evening to rest for the next day. Not a lot happened, however, we saw a lot during our travels!

NOTE: the pictures used for this blog are of the day in Budapest. The participants have their own pictures of the other travel days! 

More pictures taken and edited of this day can be found at the following link: